How Many Countries In The World?

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HOW MANY COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD provides information on all the world territorial entities. Our sources* include the best intelligence gathering services in the world today. We are committed to keeping our data as current as is possible given the natural fluctuations in information like population, politics, and economical changes, etc.

The number of countries in the world can change over time depending on the results of territorial disputes and the extent of political unrest in the world. In addition, the number of nations in the world varies depending on the source of information and the way that information is interpreted. To simplify things, our official 'Independent States in the World' number is based on the current US Department of State (DOS) list and is comprised of data supplied by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

At this time there are officially 195 countries in the world

with an additional 63 dependent areas and other entities for a total of 258 countries and territories.

It is our goal to display a variety of pertinent information on every sovereign nation in the world along with links leading to additional informative sources. We welcome your suggestions and comments as we are always trying to improve your research experience on our site.


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 *Sources include, but are not limited to, The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The US Department of Interior (DOI), The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center, The United Nations, World Bank, NATO, The US Census Bureau, Wikipedia and Wikipedia Travel, The European Forum for Geography and Statistics, and a variety of Government and Informational Websites Worldwide.


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